Renovating a property

The process of renovating a property can be mind-bending. With my background in Architecture and my passion for real estate, I am confident I can help you find a property with great potential and bring it back to life.

I will go out of my way to make the space you are dreaming of a reality.

Things to keep in mind

These are the less-than-sexy remodel jobs, such as new roofing (every 15 to 25 years for asphalt tile), a new furnace (every 10 to 15 years), or a new A/C unit (every 10 to 15 years). These improvements can offer savings in the year of renovation and in the years to come. For instance, replacing all the windows in your home could cost $10,000 or more, but the AIC estimates that this renovation will provide a return on investment (ROI) between 50% and 75%. Since outdated or improperly working windows and doors are major contributors to a home’s energy loss—up to 20% by some estimates—repairing or replacing these features will provide immediate savings and will add value to your home. Now, that’s a smart reno!

The kitchen and bathrooms are key areas that hold their value if the finishes are contemporary and neutral. However, an entire renovation isn’t always required. For instance, wooden kitchen cabinets can be easily updated by resurfacing the doors and changing the hardware. You can also modernize and update the look of your kitchen by changing the countertop and replacing lighting and plumbing fixtures.

If you’re renovating with your own family in mind, you can develop a smart plan by asking for features that are easy to update when it comes time to sell.

The return on investment for a fresh coat of paint is up to 165%—the best ROI of any home improvement. Other smaller remodel updates that don’t break the bank include replacing the front door, updating the home’s lighting fixtures, and adding (or rejuvenating) landscaping.

Inexpensive remodel jobs aren’t isolated to a few fixtures, either. Removing carpet and installing hardwood goes a long way to increasing your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

According to a variety of appraisal sources, energy efficient renovations are considered to have one of the highest paybacks, relative to cost.

The Renovation Process